Shipping to the Bahamas and the Caribbean!

Freight Consolidation

Shipping to the Bahamas?  Consolidate multiple orders from different suppliers or shippers into one shipment to the destination of your choice. No shipment is too small or too large, so we can customize consolidations based on your cargo needs. Weekly export services to Nassau Bahamas and the Caribbean.

LCL Cargo

Our company specializes in handling palletized cargo and exporting LCL shipments (less-than-container load) through consolidations or individual shipments. As part of our service, we carefully wrap and secure your cargo for export assuring the highest standard in cargo handling.

Container Services

All of our shipments are containerized for export. Whether its delivering a container to your supplier or transloading your cargo to one of our containers, our staff is prepared to handle virtually any size shipment. Ship from anywhere in the United States to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Vehicle Export

As a full service shipping company specializing in vehicle export, we can ship either privately owned vehicles or dealer inventory. Richard Shipping has been providing vehicle export services for over 20 years to the Caribbean.


If you have cargo that needs to be delivered to our location but are having a difficult time finding a reasonable price or a dependable courier. We can help ! Our drivers are ready to pickup your cargo promptly and securely for delivery to our warehouse.


Need a storage solution prior to shipping your cargo ? We can store your cargo in our warehouse until you are ready for your shipment. Several of our clients consolidate cargo and store orders at our secure facility prior to export. As a result, we are able to offer the most cost effective way to export your orders.

Trans-Shipment Loading

It is not uncommon to receive cargo from other carriers who do not service our ports of call. We can trans-load your cargo from another container to one of our own for expedited processing and export.

Repacking & Crating

Let us make sure your shipment is safe and packed properly for export. Whether your delivering several bags and boxes after a day of shopping or having a company delivering your orders.  We can repack, wrap, box, and/or crate your items to guarantee everything is secure for loading. Most importantly, we can guarantee safe delivery of your freight.

Special Equipment

Our company offers flat racks and special equipment export services. We have a full range of available equipment, 20’/40′ racks, 20’/40′ open tops and flat beds. Our staff latches and secures your freight for safe transport to it’s final destination.

Customer Service

Richard Shipping is ready to help.

We are committed to offering the best service for your freight handling needs. In addition, our company continues to update communication tools and cargo tracking software to provide the best available shipping experience. Visit our Facebook page to stay up to date with recent news and schedule updates.

Shipping Services

LCL Cargo | Container Loading & Export | Vehicle Export | Trucking & Delivery

Our warehousing and export services offer a wide range of cargo solutions customized to your freight service needs. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with service from local transport to delivery at destination. Whether its receiving and consolidating several small packages or consolidating freight for container loading, we are ready to prepare and ship your cargo. Shipping services Miami to Nassau Bahamas 3 times a week!

Dedicated Warehousing & Storage

Save on shipping to the Bahamas when you consolidate shipments.

Do you have several orders that you need to export as one shipment ? No problem, we are capable of handling several consolidations to accommodate your larger orders. We can store your cargo until you are ready to ship your items. Contact us for more info !