Bahamas Car Import | Export Documents | Miami to Nassau Shipping

Power of Attorney (download document)

Do you need to ship a vehicle from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas? This is a single use document which is required for each vehicle you would like to export. If you are a business vehicle dealer, please download the Yearly POA ( Yearly Power of Attorney) which is intended for multiple vehicles throughout the year.

Yearly POA (download document)

The Yearly POA is for business vehicle dealers. If you intend to export several vehicles throughout the year from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas, then this form takes the hassle out of single use powers of attorney.

Insurance Waiver (download document)

Would you like to decline cargo insurance on your cargo?

Download and submit this document to our office if you would like to decline cargo insurance on your shipment. Once our office receives this form, your account will be automatically updated to decline cargo insurance on future shipments.