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Vehicle Export

As a full service shipping company, we can export your vehicle to the destination of your choice.  We can ship any size vehicle promptly and securely. We strive to provide our customers the best possible service and accurate shipment information.  We understand that many vehicle business owners must meet prompt deadlines when selling and exporting a vehicle.  

Our experienced staff can assist you shipping your car overseas. Ask about our local and out-of-state vehicle delivery services. We can have your vehicle delivered to our yard and prepared for export.  Let us handle the towing companies, we have several contracts with many different towing companies that can offer you the best rate available.  Richard Shipping can prepare your export documents to assure no delay while clearing U.S. Customs.

Vehicle Export Requirements

A vehicle is identified as:
All Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Heavy Equipment (Classified as any self-propelled vehicle), all terrain vehicles (ATV's, Go Carts, Any vehicle with over a 50cc Engine)

Documents Needed for U.S. Customs Clearance

  • Original Title or MSO (Signed by the Seller & Purchaser)
  • Original Bill of Sale
  • Export Power of Attorney (Note: If party is not present in the U.S., the power of attorney must be notarized at a U.S. Consulate or local Justice of the Peace)  Original Document must be sent to our vehicle export department.
  • Picture Identification (Copy of passport picture and first page)
  • Business License (If the vehicle is owned by a business, a business license is required for export.)

Untitled Heavy Equipment

All untitled heavy equipment must have an original bill of sale signed by both the purchaser and the seller for export clearance.  The original bill of sale must be notarized.

Other Notes

All the above documents are required prior to presentation of documents to U.S. Customs for export clearance.  Any missing document will result in export delays. Insurance on all vehicles should be processed by the registered owner prior to shipping any vehicle. If Insurance is purchased by the vehicle owner, proof of insurance must be sent to our office prior to shipping.  Insurance waivers are available through our documents & forms page. Should you decide not to get your vehicle insured prior to shipping, please fill out the insurance waiver form and email or fax the form to our Florida office for processing.  This form must be faxed, emailed or delivered to our office prior to exporting the vehicle.

Once vehicles are cleared for export, U.S. Customs requires the vehicle to be held for a period of 72 hours prior to the export date.  Once this 72 hour period has expired, the vehicle will be exported on the next available sailing to the destination of your choice. If you have any questions regarding the process of exporting a vehicle, please contact our office for immediate assistance.